Art in the Sunshine

Here are some photos of our 3rd Class boys enjoying an Art Lesson outside in the sunshine.
They drew the fabulous view their school has of the Cork City and later wrote their own poems, using their drawings as stimulus. Well done boys!


Bath Tour 2018

Our 6th class boys went to Bath for their annual rugby tour. Harry Walsh wrote the report below about the trip:


On the 27th of April, 6th class 2018 went on the annual rugby tour to the city of Bath. Mr Lynch and Miss McAdoo were coming with us along some 4th years. Jude’s dad Duncan was sponsoring us.

We met at the bottom of Sydney Hill at 4:00 am which I don’t think some of the boys were very happy about. We actually left at quarter past the hour, as some boys were late. The bus journey to Rosslare took a good two and a half hours, but it was an enjoyable trip. We arrived at Rosslare and boarded the ferry, entertaining ourselves by watching movies, playing cards and I think Sir fell asleep. Soon we were able to see the Welsh coastline on the horizon. We arrived into Fishguard at 10.30am, and then headed off to Bath. As we got closer and closer, there was a building sense of excitement, and then we finally arrived in Bath. We could see beautiful old buildings everywhere. Hardly anything was modern. As we drove through, we could see the Roman influence on the city. Shortly we arrived in the YMCA, assembling outside, while Sir told us the rules. Then we collected our keys, and went to our rooms for a rest. After an hour or so, we started on our walk around Bath. We saw an amazing bridge built by the Romans, and we visited the Bath rugby stadium. After a while, we went back and had pizza at the YMCA. Everyone gave up their phones and electronics (reluctantly) and we went to sleep.

The following day, we woke up early for our first game at Cleve, setting off after breakfast. Once we arrived in Cleve, we changed into our gear. There was an enthusiastic crowd of parents waiting for us. Unfortunately, the tour jerseys had not arrived, so we wore our normal CBC jerseys. Cleve were a good team and narrowly beat us. Afterwards we went back and did some shopping in Bath, followed by mass, delivered by a very nice priest, and a trip to the cinema to see the new Avengers film. That night, Sir showed us the design for the tour jersey and I was very happy when I realised it was mine. On Sunday, we played Chew Valley and Walcot. We were beaten both times but they were great games, and we played really well. Our parents came and supported us, which was really great. After the rugby, we enjoyed the shops in Bath again. Quite a few of the items were taken off us by Sir, and even the 4th years had water-guns confiscated, which Sir then squirted Cillian Punch with. Later that evening we went bowling which was really good fun. At around 8.00 o’clock we departed Bath one last time. It was a really nice city and I hope to go back sometime. The journey back to Cork went by quite fast for me because I was exhausted and slept nearly the whole time. We departed Britain at 11:45 pm and arrived in Ireland around 03:00 am. At 6 o’clock Sir woke us up and we arrived at 20 past. That was where our amazing Bath Tour ended. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who helped out and thankyou to Mr Lynch and Miss McAdoo for picking my jersey and picking me as Vice-Captain, it was a great honour.

-Harry Walsh.

School Sports Day

The annual school sports day took place on Thursday 10th May at the Mardyke Arena Sports complex. The boys all enjoyed taking part in the various activities (particularly the infamous novelty race for 6th class boys) and had a great day out. Well done to all and a big thank you to Mr. Lynch who arranged it all.

Bath Tour 2018

Our 6th Class students were presented with CBC Bath Rugby Tour gearbags on Thursday before their departure from Wellington Road in the early hours of Friday morning. They were all very excited to be heading off on the annual trip with teachers Mr. Steven Lynch and Ms. Sharon McAdoo. We’re all looking forward to hearing all about their trip on their return to school next week!

3rd Class; Making Boats

3rd Class were busy learning about Materials in Science and also about St Brendan the Navigator in History this week. They had great fun making their own boats during Science and Art class,  experimenting to see what materials were water proof. Well done rang a trí!

CBC Times: Issue 2

Members of the Newspaper Club worked hard on the second issue of CBC Times and produced a great newspaper. Click on the link below to read about a visit to The Young Scientist exhibition, some school secrets as uncovered by the CBC Detectives, interviews with stars of the Junior and Senior Rugby teams, a roundup of the best movies, books and video games of 2017 and much more!

CBC Times Issue 2


Senior Infants: World Water Day

The boys in Senior Infants celebrated World Water Day on Thursday 22nd March. They explored capacity in Maths. They also tested items to see if they were waterproof and explored whether items float or sink in Science. It was a wet day in the classroom but lots of fun was had!


Food Dudes

Our students responded really well to the first phase of the Food Dudes programme. All boys in the Prep School have now received their Food Dudes lunchbox and are encouraged to continue to eat healthily by bringing fruit and veg into school each day.

Food Dudes

The Preparatory School boys have been participating in the Food Dudes programme this month. This programme encourages children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and at home. It is based on positive role models (the Food Dudes characters), repeated tasting and rewards. The boys have really been enjoying the daily videos and letters from the Food Dudes and have been excellent at tasting the fruit and vegetables on offer.

Cooking Demonstration for 5th and 6th Classes

Ken from Brook Food Services visited the school in February to give a Cooking Demonstration to 5th & 6th Classes. The boys were enthralled on how easy it was to make some simple & healthy dishes and were delighted to taste all on offer. Ken showed the classes how to make Energy Balls, Granola, Chicken Wraps & Chicken Noodles. The aroma in our lunchroom was very tempting! Many thanks to Brook Food Services & to Ken for facilitating today’s demonstration. It all tied in nicely with our Food Dudes activities this week.