Christmas at CBC Prep

Students at the Prep School enjoyed the lead up to Christmas with plenty of activities taking place to mark the festive season.

Our Junior and Senior Infant students performed some Christmas Carols on the balcony of AIB on the South Mall, accompanied by the school choir. The staff and customers of the bank enjoyed the performance greatly, as did many of the Prep School parents who popped in to lend their support to the boys.

Our Senior Infant students were very lucky to have their application for a Classroom Elf on the Shelf accepted. A special package for Mrs. FitzPatrick’s class arrived by express delivery from the North Pole (it was still cold when it was dropped into our classroom!). Tommy the Elf got up to all sorts of shenanigans during the few weeks before Christmas which the students recorded in their Elf Adventures Log Book.

Our students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class enjoyed a fantastic afternoon ice skating at Cork on Ice and had fun showing off their moves on the ice.

We Are Writers

Students and teachers were hard at work over the last few months preparing submissions for the We Are Writers project, arranged by Mr. Lynch. The finished product is a wonderful book of stories and poems written by the students of CBC Prep School, from Junior Infants to 6th Class. The books have been selling like hotcakes – they will make for great reading over the Christmas holidays! Well done to all the boys for their wonderful pieces and a big thank you to Mr. Lynch for putting it all together.

6th Class Christmas Tests

It was very quiet in Rang a Sé this morning as the boys completed their Christmas tests. They have been working very hard over the past few months and have even been seen revising in the lunch room in the mornings, much to the delight of their teacher! Miss McAdoo wishes them all the best in their tests and looks forward to correcting them!!!!
(You can also see the beautiful snowflakes they made during Art class in the pictures!)

November in 4th Class

Each week 4th class roll up their sleeves and get coding! It provides an amazing opportunity for the class to develop their STEM skills.

Drama lessons are always met with great excitement and enthusiasm in 4th class. Here the children are retelling the story of the Children of Lir.

4th class went to great lengths to construct their volcanos in groups. Many detailed steps were followed and a lot of hard work done to complete the task. The work paid off and the class showed off their science and artistic skills to the other classes in the school.

Three generations at the Sciath na Scol final.

P.E is a great time to enhance the children’s skills.

Always making maths fun! Here is a photo displaying the children constructing 3D objects. Happy faces all round.

4th class visited the Aviva stadium for Ireland v Fiji. The trip was seamlessly organised by Mr Lynch.  It is unclear what the highlight was for the children, the fireworks display, the nail biting win or the Mexican wave which swept around the stadium. What is clear is that,  a great day was had by all.

Christmas Food Appeal

Once again there was a fantastic response to our Christmas Food Appeal for the St. Vincent de Paul. Thank you to Ms. O’ Donovan who coordinated the appeal. Here are the students from the Prep School with all of the items that were donated this year.

Science Week in 5th Class

Science Week in Fifth Class

CBC celebrated Science Week like many other schools around the country. As part of their homework, Fifth Class boys had to investigate and prepare a simple Science Experiment. The boys also had the opportunity to show other classes in the school their work.

5th Class Orienteering

Fifth Class had a very busy morning last Wednesday. Sean Cotter visited the school and introduced the class to Orienteering. He covered topics such as drawing maps, reading maps, setting the map and following directions. Later the boys had a group challenge as they navigated their way around the College grounds.

Senior Infant Shape Hunt

Senior Infants have been learning about 2D shapes. Last week they tested their knowledge by going on a shape hunt around the school. They found lots of great examples of squares, rectangles, triangles and circles dotted around the building.

Rugby Trip to Dublin

A long but rewarding day out last Saturday for our Prep School boys.

The boys were invited to a Blitz hosted by St Michaels where they played games against Willow Park, Pres Bray, St Marys and St Michaels.
Then it was time for some bowling before heading the Aviva Stadium for the Ireland v South Africa game.
There were plenty of tired bodies when we arrived home well after their usual bedtime but no doubt some fantastic memories were made.

Senior Infants’ First School Outing

Our Senior Infant boys were particularly excited about cheering on their team at the Sciath na Scol Football Final as it was their first outing on a school bus! Each boy was partnered with an older boy who made sure they got to their seats safely, both on the bus and at the GAA grounds. The boys were particularly pleased that they got to sit at the top of the bus on the way to the match! Their teacher, Mrs. FitzPatrick, was very proud at how sensible they were throughout the excursion. They were really well behaved and joined in with the rest of the school as we cheered our team to victory. Well done Senior Infants!

2nd Class Group Challenge

2nd Class were very busy recently with a group challenge. The boys were asked to create bridges using 20 sheets of paper. The structures created were fantastic and the boys worked so well in their groups. The winning group created a bridge was strong enough to support multiple books and even our class prize box! Well done boys.

October in 3rd Class

Our 3rd Class boys have also been a busy bunch. Take a look below at some of the activities they did with their teacher, Ms. O’ Donovan.

The boys enjoyed practicing their passing skills in football with Miss O Donovan. Great fun was had calling for the ball and looking to see who was free. The boys showed excellent observing skills and quick thinking. It was lovely to hear them being so encouraging towards each other. Future Cork Footballers in the making!

The boys also spent time in October learning about the Solar System! They used oils pastels to create their own solar systems.  Here they are hard at work.

In the lead up to Halloween 3rd class listened to the Halloween poem “Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth Toast”. They then worked in groups to create their own images of the poem. They worked cooperatively and creatively in making their master pieces.

Well done rang a trí!