Information for Parents

School Calendar 2019/2020:

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Prep School Calendar 2019-20

Resources for Parents: COVID 19 Closure

Resources for Parents COVID 19 CLOSURE

Parents Council Constitution 2020

CBC Parents Council Constitution


Parents’ Handbook:

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CBC Prep Handbook 2019-2020 FINAL

Book Lists 2018/2019:

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Junior Infants Booklist 2018/2019

Senior Infants Booklist 2018/2019

First Class Booklist 2018/2019

Second Class Booklist 2018/2019

Third Class Booklist 2018/2019

Fourth Class Booklist 2018/2019

Fifth Class Booklist 2018/2019

Sixth Class Booklist 2018/2019


Online Safety

Following a very well-received talk by Dr. Maureen Griffin in September 2018 titled Social Media: Challenges for Parents, please see below for a link to all documents mentioned on the night. These documents were developed in conjunction with Laya Healthcare: