Mass November 2023

Today, we celebrated mass in the lunchroom, the first of the year that took place in the school building as Fr. Tom had been unwell (In September and October we walked to St. Patricks’ to attend mass).  It was wonderful to welcome Fr. Tom back to the school and to gather together in prayer.

4th and 5th Class Trip to Johnson & Johnson

The boys had a fantastic time touring Johnson and Johnson during Science week. They learned lots of valuable information about the company itself, the work they do and sustainable/economical approaches when running a business such as Johnson and Johnson. The boys were fascinated by the wind turbines onsite and even got to enter into the wind turbine itself. They also participated in lots of STEM activities throughout the day.

Science Week in 5th Class

5th class partook in many activities last week for Science week. They were partaking and leading in experiments in the chemistry lab in the secondary school. The experiment involved trying to use paper as a parachute to stop an egg from cracking when dropped from a height. The boys used different materials to make their parachutes. There was a lot of trial and error and some egg casualties but the winning group was successful by using a cone and a parachute to keep the egg safe.

Halloween at the Prep School

The boys really enjoyed dress up today for the last day of school before mid-term break. Pictured below are the boys of 3rd Class in their costumes.

Our Let’s Get Baking boys also enjoyed a Halloween themed session – they decorated spooky cupcakes. Take a look at some of the fabulous creations below!

PAWS Water Safety

David from PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) paid a visit to the Prep School and gave a presentation on water safety to all classes. We learned to be SAFE (Stay Away From Edges) around water and all boys had an opportunity to throw a ring buoy.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

2nd Class had great fun in their Procedural Writing lesson last week when they wrote about “How to Carve a Pumpkin”. The boys worked in small groups to design their pumpkin. Mrs. FitzPatrick handled the knife and the boys took care of scooping out the inside of the pumpkins. They did a great job and produced some lovely written work afterwards. Well done boys!

Maths Week – Table Quiz

Maths Week in the Preparatory School concluded with a Maths Table Quiz for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes. Thanks to Mr Lynch for acting as quiz master on the day. We were treated to some Maths jokes and songs while teachers totted up the scores. With two teams tied for the winning spot, a nail biting tie breaker resulted in victory for one team! Well done to all boys for taking part!

CBC Prep Swim Team

The minor schools gala on Sunday was a huge success. The boys were fantastic and everyone enjoyed the day hugely.

This year the boys brought home plenty of  medals for CBC! The 9-10 relay team from 3rd and 4th class won silver medal in both relay categories. Kristian in 3rd Class came 2nd place overall in his butterfly and has qualified to swim in two categories in the National Aquatic Centre next year where he will represent CBC in the Nationals School Swim.

Halloween Themed Literacy in 2nd Class

2nd Class kicked off the spooky season with some Haunted House literacy activities. The boys loved the Invisible Ink Wordsearch where they had to find hidden spooky words. They will be using this vocabulary later in the month when we work on descriptive and pursuasive written activities about a Haunted House.

After School: Story Club

A new after school club this term, boys in Story Club for Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class have been having a lovely time exploring different stories and responding to them in a variety of ways.

We started with Giraffe’s Can’t Dance and boys created their own version of the front cover.

Debating in 5th Class

5th class have been working very hard on their persuasive writing and language skills over the past few weeks so they were put to the test in a whole class debate. The boys did a fantastic job and no doubt we have some future barristers in our midst.

Irish Rail Safety Talk

We were lucky enough to be visited by Irish Rail today who gave two talks (one to Junior Infants – 2nd Class and another to 3rd Class – 6th Class). The focus on the talks was safety with boys learning how to cross from one platform to another safely as well as what to do if they drop something on the tracks. It was a fantastic presentation which the boys and teachers really enjoyed.

2nd Class Library Visit

The boys in 2nd Class really enjoyed their trip to Cork City Library today. They were all eager to find a book and a comfortable spot to read – they quickly became engrossed in their reading and Ms. O ‘ Donovan had to coax them back to the classroom!