Rowan’s Day 2023

Rowan’s Day 2023, in memory of our former student Rowan O’ Connell, took place on Thursday 16th March. Boys took part in classroom based fun activities for the morning, followed by LIP SYNC performances by 6th Class. We then went to Lansdowne for the Colour Run. It was a lovely way to remember Rowan.

Star Dome

1st and 2nd class were delighted to get the opportunity to visit the star dome which came to CBC in February. It was an amazing experience and the boys learned a lot about space, the different constellations and our own planet itself.

World Book Day 2023

The classrooms of the Prep School were overrun with Harry Potters, Willy Wonkas, Wimpy Kids and much more for World Book Day 2023. Classes enjoyed various book themed activities throughout the day including a  World Book Day 2023 Guess the teacher activity based on teachers hiding behind their favourite books. Boys drafted acrostic poems based on READING and 4th Class boys took inspiration from the official World Book Day song and worked in groups to compose and perform their own literary themed songs to mark the occasion.

World Book Day 2023 Guess the teacher


International Day 2023

The CBC Preparatory School Parents’ Council ran a hugely successful International Day in January which was greatly enjoyed by all. The packed itinerary included musical recitals, Irish dancing demonstration, Indian dancing demonstration, a Kung Fu demonstration and  a Moroccan tea making demonstration. This was in addition to the numerous “country tables” on display and delicious food samples on offer. It was a wonderful showcase of all of the different nationalities that make up our school community and was a truly inclusive and informative occasion. Thanks to all of the organising committee and all who volunteered on the day for making it a memorable occasion on this year’s calendar!


Drama Club

The boys in Drama club have been very busy participating in lots of different activities over the last few weeks including mask making for improvisation lessons, dress up for creative role play and lots more.

After School Cookery Club

There has been a phenomenal interest in Ms McAdoo and Mrs FitzPatrick’s After School Cookery Club. The boys made scones in Week 1 and last week had a Mexican theme with boys teaming up to make Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Quesadillas, Nachos, Guacamole and Salsa. They also made some delicious desserts. Parents were able to put their feet up as the boys ate their fill of delicious dinner in school that day!

World Diabetes Day

A very successful fundraiser for World Diabetes Day was held in the Preparatory School on 14th November. A coffee morning for parents was held in the lunch room in the morning. Classes then gathered for the grand raffle draw and to watch brief video about Type 1 Diabetes. Following this, 3rd-6th Classes remained in the lunch room to do a maths challenge related to calculating carbs, etc. It was a very successful day. A very big thank you to Mrs. Niamh Power and all on the Parents’ Council for arranging a successful event for a very worthy cause.