Life at CBC Preparatory School

The school day begins at 8.30am each morning, with supervision in the lunchroom available from 8am. During this time boys are encouraged to read quietly or play games such as chess while they wait for classes to begin. Each morning after the first bell prayers are said followed by a short address from the Preparatory School Principal. Students then disperse to their classrooms with their class teachers. Morning break takes place at 10.15am during which students have time to eat and play in the yard. The same occurs at 1.00pm for lunchtime (with the exception of Wednesdays when classes finish at 1.00pm). The final bell goes at 3pm, following which students take place in after school activities or are collected by parents.

As well as class teachers teaching the National School Curriculum, we often have visitors to our classroom such as our music teacher, Ms. Sonya Keogh, who teaches music to all classes on a weekly basis. Dr, Jordan visits the 5th and 6th class boys three times each week to teach French, German and Classical Studies. 5th and 6th Class students also attend Science lessons in state of the art laboratories located in the main college building. Our 3rd and 4th Class boys learn Chinese in conjunction with UCC.

Throughout the year, class teachers arrange education trips and tours such as visits to UCC or the Dáil; The Young Scientist Exhibtion etc… Visiting workshops also link into curricular areas and provide an added dimension to lessons.

Each month the school gathers together for a school mass celebrated by Fr. Tom Walsh.  The various classes take it in turns to lead the mass and choose the prayers, readings and hymns for their class mass.