Fourth Class Fund Raising Initiative

The following letter has been sent to all Preparatory School Parents:

As you may be aware, Fourth Class in CBC have been developing a friendly relationship with Regina Mundi School in Goa, India, which is run by the Christian Brothers.  A cultural ‘pen pal’ exchange programme has taken place over the school year whereby our boys in CBC have been writing and exchanging stories, tales and cultural information with the boys of Regina Mundi.  The Prep School boys are now interested in further developing the ‘I to I’ (Ireland to India) project, by fund raising for Regina Mundi School.

The original idea was to raise funds to enable Regina Mundi to set up an internet connection so that they could not only connect on paper but also online going forward.  However, Brother Anish, School Principal, has requested a different kind of assistance:  ‘I request you to do the fund raising for a far more urgent project.  We need to repair the roof over some of the primary classes.  Monkeys jumping onto the tiled roof have broken them very badly.  Once the monsoons start, water pours into the classrooms and the kids have to be taken elsewhere.  This is a fairly big expense for us and we are looking for funds.  So any kind of help will be most welcome.’  Naturally, the fundraising objective is now to pay towards the cost of roof repairs.

We are planning on getting photos taken of our boys during their school day in various different situations: sitting at their desk, concentrating at their work, playing during break time, taking part in their  sports activities and just being themselves.  These photos will be natural ones and not formal photos but the plan is to place them into a cube.  You will then get the opportunity to purchase a cube/s should you wish to.  The finished product will cost €10 per pupil.

If you are interested in getting involved in this initiative, please sign the consent form below giving permission to take photos of your son, and get him to give it to his teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Buckley (4th Class Teacher) & Amanda Cornhouse (Parent Organiser)


Cake Sale

A cake sale has been organised for tomorrow, Friday.  The boys of Fifth and Sixth Class will bring in cakes to sell during the morning break.  The sale will continue at 12.30pm to 1.10pm so that parents can also buy.  The funds will go towards the Sixth Class Bath Tour. Pictured below: Charlie and Tom with their birthday cakes, which will NOT be on sale tomorrow!

Charlie and Tom Healy with their birthday cakes.

Charlie and Tom Healy with their birthday cakes.

Parents Council Fund-Raising Dinner

The Parents Council Fund-Raising Dinner is scheduled for Friday 15 January 2010 at the Montenotte Hotel.  It is hoped to have eight tables, one for each class in the Preparatory School.  Class representatives will be selling tickets from tomorrow onwards (fifty euro per ticket) and hope to sell a minimum of ten pairs per class group.  Tickets will be on sale in the school tomorrow, Friday from 12.30pm to 3.00pm.  Tickets will also be available at the Christmas Concert on Thursday next.

Money raised by the event will fund the painting of colourful patterns for games onto the school yard.  The work will be carried out by a company specialising in this kind of work.  The patterns will be chemically fixed to the yard surface and will be very durable.