Message from the Principal: October Mid Term Break

As we approach the end of this year’s first half term I would like to warmly thank all in the Preparatory School community – pupils, parents and teachers for the exceptional cooperation all have shown with the Covid 19 restrictions. This is a school year like none other on record. All had to adjust and all had to make sacrifices. And by so doing we are helping each other in school and our families at home. We the teachers express our gratitude to all our parents who helped so much up to now. Unfortunately, as we know, we must continue with this effort for the foreseeable future. That said, we have done extremely well in our first two months – we celebrated First Holy Communion, we had our monthly Mass, we continued with PE and visits to Lansdowne, enjoyed Maths Week and most importantly all classes continued with the full class curriculum, including our now well established extra subjects. Our school motto is the Latin- Certa Bonum Certamen- fight the good fight! Let this continue to be our focus in the weeks ahead.

Larry Jordan

CBC Preparatory School Principal

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