Maths Week 2020

The boys at the Prep School celebrated Maths Week 2020 with plenty of games and activities throughout the week. Here are some photos of the various classes in action:

First Class

The boys in First Class took their Maths Week activities outdoors and enjoyed a Maths Trail around the school grounds. The also played some enjoyable Maths games in the classroom.

Fourth Class

Fourth Class integrated Maths with their PE lesson during Maths Week. They played the multiplication cone game which works on their memory and tables recall. They had great fun and developed some very good strategies to remember the questions and answers. The also enjoyed some interactive Maths activities and videos in the classroom.

Fifth & Sixth Class

The boys in 5th and 6th took part in many Maths Week activities. The 6th Class boys really enjoyed trying to beat the clock in Countdown and beat 5th class in the relay (to keep it fair, Ms McAdoo asked 5th class the questions and Ms Cummins asked 6th Class!!!).

6th Class also had fun in class playing an area dice game, seeing who could sit down exactly on 60 seconds without seeing a clock and finally looked at a Mensa challenge which one boy successfully figured out!

Well done to all the boys for taking part in these super activities!


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