Virtual School Tour

On Tuesday 19th May, the staff and students of the Prep School virtually boarded airplanes and headed off on school tour. The Junior classes started their morning at Chester Zoo and ended it on a live streamed virtual safari in South Africa while the Senior classes experienced the sights and sounds of London. A fantastic day was had by students and teachers alike and the pressure is on for next year’s school tour to top today’s exotic adventures!

Junior Classes

The boys went on a virtual trip to Chester Zoo where they joined the baby meercats for breakfast, the elephants for a pool party and the chimpanzees and cheetahs for a spot of lunch. Mrs. Lowry read “The Ugly Five” by Julia Donaldson and Alex Schaefler, a story all about animals that are found on the plains of Africa. Mrs. FitzPatrick gave away a top teacher secret by showing the boys what a teacher carries in their backpack on school tour before giving an art lesson on drawing giraffes. Mrs. Scannell gave the boys a safari inspired yoga challenge and Mr. Buckley’s cows even made a surprise appearance! After a picnic lunch (we were on school tour after all!), the boys jetted off to South Africa where they joined a live streamed safari with Wild WATCH. Although the animals were a bit shy during the childrens’ section of the game drive, we learned a lot from the guides as they drove around looking for tracks and attempting to locate the animals. We did spot some lions and hyenas as well as some wildebeests which was fantastic! It was a very busy day in the wild!

Senior Classes

The Senior Classes stayed a bit closer to home, jetting off to London for the day. The boys received a boarding pass which they needed to access the Airplane. The first visit of the day was to the British museum. The boys received a challenge card telling them to visit three artefacts A) Sutton Hoo Helmet  B) Rosetta Stone  and C) Easter Island Heads. Then they made their way to the London Eye and got a bird’s eye view of the city. They were given more activities and challenges to complete. They finished the trip with a visit to a show (The Midnight Gang by David Walliams). Their final activity was to send a Postcard. On the front they had to draw any Landmark they liked from London (or a collage of them) and write a note to granny or grandad. Additional activities included baking scones and serving them with jam and cream and dressing up as guards at Buckingham Palace. The boys were flown home in style by Daniel in second class!

***Photos to follow***


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