Harry Potter After School Educational Club

Hogwarts School of Wizarding & Witchcraft at CBC Preparatory School is a BRAND NEW after school educational club for 1 st – 6 th Class students that aims to promote creativity, teamwork and communication skills in a positive and enjoyable club-like atmosphere. Students will have the time and space to exercise their imagination and explore the world of Harry Potter whilst engaging in a range of curricular linked activities, designed to inspire
creativity and foster self-expression such as:

 Escape from Azkaban (Communication, Team-Work, Problem Solving)
 Ollivanders Wand Making Lesson (Visual Arts)
 Professor Flitwick’s Charms Lesson (Science)
 Professor Snape’s Potions Lesson (Science)
 What Would Harry Do? Drama activities based on Harry Potter inspired scenarios (Drama)

The club is led by class teacher, Caroline FitzPatrick, who is passionate about all things Potter related!


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