October in 4th Class

Our 4th Class boys have had a busy month. Take a look below to see some of the enjoyable activities that took place in October.

Their teacher, Ms. Kenny, took them to Cork City Library where they spent the morning with author, Alan Early. They received a tutorial on comic book writing. Sai was our comic book model. Each boy then created their own comic. They really are a very talented creative writing group. Everyone really enjoyed the excerise.


During maths lesson, the boys put their books away and went out to the yard where they used their body lengths to measure the yard as a team. This cooperation game is designed to develop teamwork and also uses their maths skills.

The boys have also been enjoying GAA and Rugby training in Lansdowne. Luckily the weather has been very good so far this year. Ms. Kenny reports that they are making great progress.

Finally, the boys created some great Autumn art in class. Here are some of our budding young artists at work.


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