CBC’s Christmas Fair

Despite the bad weather on Sunday, the Christmas Fair was very well attended.  From twelve noon, right through to the closing time of 5pm, a steady stream of visitors came along to buy, visit Santa or get a ride on the pony.  Thanks to all who supported the event.  A total of €6,000 was raised for charity on the day.

Part of the large attendance on the day

Santa was present to add to the festive atmosphere

Santa’s little helpers

Santa was kept busy for the whole day

Satisfied customers

The Dublin Trip

The boys of Fifth and Sixth Class had a most enjoyable trip to Dublin last Saturday.  They went to St Michael’s first where they played two games against a St Michael’s side.  Next, it was on to the Aviva Stadium to enjoy the Ireland v Argentina match.  A splendid time was had by all.

Match action against St Michael’s

CBC dig out the ball

A dash towards the line

Newsletter 2012

The 2012 Newsletter was distributed to all pupils today.  A PDF version was also emailed to parents.  This was a low resolution version designed for a speedy delivery.  If you liked the Newsletter, you can download a very high resolution PDF version of it in which the photographs that can be magnified by 500% without losing definition.  Click Newsletter Prep 2012 High Resolution to download.  It may take a few minutes to download as it is a 32 megabite file.