Christmas Holiday Period


Swine Flu vaccinations will take place on Monday 21 December, from 8.30am to 9.30am approximately.  Only pupils who have brought in (or bring in) a signed parental permission form will be vaccinated.  Parents may wait while vaccination takes place.

Tuesday’s Nativity Play/Concert

Tuesday’s nativity play/concert takes place in the Secondary School Hall  at the earlier time of 10.45am to facilitate parents who wish to attend the Scoil  Mhuire ceremony in St Mary’s.  It will  finish at approximately 11.15am.  Parents are invited to come along to the Canteen in the Secondary College before the concert, from about 10.00am for light refreshments.  Pupils may be taken home by parents when they leave the concert, but pupils may, if they wish, remain until 1.00pm finishing time. 

Parent Teacher Meeting

A Parent-Teacher Meeting will take place on Thursday 7 January, the day before the Prep School re-opens after the Christmas Holidays.  If you wish to book a timeslot for your meeting, go to your son’s classroom on Monday or Tuesday of this week and write your name on the list pinned to the outside of the classroom door.