Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes had the opportunity to visit the Discovery 2013 Exhibition at City Hall.

There were various stalls from local well known companies like Tyndall, Lifetime Lab and EMC, as well as representatives from the Defence Forces, UCC, CIT & Fota Wildlife Park.
The students engaged in activities such as Operation, Buzz-Off, Fingerprinting Analysis, the Digestive System and had fun with Robotics.
The group also had a chance to meet with current Cork Senior Hurling Star, Lorcán McLaughlin, who was at the CIT Stand.

CBC Rugby Camp

During the mid term over 70 boys attended CBC’s Rugby Camp! The boys were visited by past pupil & current Munster player John Ryan, with Seán Dougall.

The Great Boat Race

Last week THIRD CLASS continued with its SCIENCE WEEK activities by hosting THE GREAT BOAT RACE.

During recent weeks, the class were investigating Floating & Sinking objects, and also which materials would be best to move an object across water.
The challenge after that was the build a boat to take part in a Boat Race.
After a number of days testing and altering their designs, the class had their opportunity to race their finished products against each other.
After a number of heats, Josh Radley and Tom Folley contested the final and after two races, it was Josh who claimed the Boat Race title. Well done Josh!!